2811, 2013

Evodant Helps in Delivering Award-Winning Game


Congratulations to Mobro Software on having Space Evader Xtreme win the People’s Choice Award in the Extreme iPad Challenge! Mobro asked us to step in to help on integrating the Extreme Motion SDK in time […]

410, 2013

Augmented Reality Game Wins Award


Our technical prowess on the Clandestine: Anomaly game reached a new height with the prototype winning Metaio’s GameAR Award! (You read that right – it was “just” a prototype). We’re super thrilled our team was […]


When all looked lost Evodant swooped in to save the day! Great team, would work with them again!

Extreme Motion technology from Extreme Reality – integrated thanks to Evodant Interactive!
Mobro Software Ltd.
The game itself is very creative, and the variety of well designed monsters within the game is a testament to the developers.

(Review of the Max Rush mobile game for iOS and Android)
Dwayne has a keen insight into the nuances of what makes a game great. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Dwayne’s previous work and have been impressed by his passion for the details, while maintaining a comprehensive vision for innovative end results.
John Visser, MNP