• Steampunk RPG


    Revolutionary story engine.
    Endless adventure.

    Semper Incedendo!

    More about Gyre...
  • Animated Series & Game

    Hopkido X

    Invaded by "evil" bunny bots,
    an ensemble cast of unlikely heroes
    fights for their freedom!

  • Mobile Game

    Max Rush

    Frantic down-scrolling arcade-style action
    combined with match-three puzzle mechanics
    and campy humor for high-speed fun!

  • Dwayne has a keen insight into the nuances of what makes a game great. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Dwayne’s previous work and have been impressed by his passion for the details, while maintaining a comprehensive vision for innovative end results.John Visser, MNP

  • Dwayne, and his company Evodant, have been amazing to work with on the Clandestine Anomaly game project. They’ve always delivered on time, on budget and without any hassle. Beyond that, what’s really set Evodant apart is how they conduct themselves as if your project is their project, becoming highly involved and integrated into the project team.Corey King, ZenFri

  • The game itself is very creative, and the variety of well designed monsters within the game is a testament to the developers.148apps.com (Max Rush)

  • If you’re looking for a challenge and enjoy match-three puzzle games, I’d highly recommend Max Rush.appadvice.com (Max Rush)


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