Our technical prowess on the Clandestine: Anomaly game reached a new height with the prototype winning Metaio’s GameAR Award! We’re thrilled our team was able to deliver in such a compressed time frame while demonstrating what can be achieved in augmented reality.

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Evodant Interactive was instrumental in the development of a prototype for a new augmented reality gaming experience called Clandestine: Anomaly. This demo has since garnered world-wide acclaim at conferences such as the Augmented World Expo and Gamelab. The prototype was a finalist for Best Augmented World Mobile App in the Auggie Awards.

ZenFri Inc., the company behind the original concept, relied upon Evodant to lead crucial development challenges to realize this game, including technical, narrative and design tasks. Having picked up the gauntlet on Lead Technical, Lead Narrative and Lead Designer credits, Evodant is proud to have delivered a solid prototype worthy of such recognition in just a few months.