Evodant Interactive and Dark Spark Studios, two Winnipeg game developers, have teamed up to create Max Rush for iOS and Android devices. Max Rush is a fast-paced action puzzler where you can solve puzzles the medieval way – with sharp pointy weapons! Frantic down-scrolling arcade-style action is combined with match-three puzzle mechanics and campy humor for high-speed fun.

“We believe the casual market is maturing,” says Jei Kohlenberg of Dark Spark Studios. “Most so-called bubble-gum games are geared towards the casual gamer; Max Rush is a fast-paced action puzzler that breaks from the norm by addressing the needs of what we believe is an emerging mid-core mobile market.”

Evodant’s President and CEO, Dwayne Rudy, wants to avoid developing games that are a rubber-stamp of everything else out there and feed players’ desire for something new saying, “It was kismet that Jei and I were able to partner together on Max Rush. Gamers are becoming more sophisticated and they don’t want to have the same experiences over and over across several games. They are looking for new ways to play, and the previous ‘casual’ gamer is growing beyond the casual space and the games typically offered there.”

Set to be released on July 12 th, 2013, Max Rush can be downloaded at the Apple App Store for just 99 cents and the ad-supported version on Google Play for Android.

Game Features:

FAST-PACED ACTION PUZZLER : A distinctive twist on classic match- three gameplay, players must use fast-thinking and quick reflexes to stay ahead of an ever descending enemy by creating massive color combos.

EPIC MONSTERS : Not all members of the Horde are spawned equally

– Elite monsters complicate Rush’s strategy. Each type must be defeated in a special way. If Elites fill the board, Rush’s odds of survival dwindle.

STRATEGIC COMBO SYSTEM: Why kill one monster when you could clear a row? Thinking ahead and setting up kills before the game board resolves causes MASSIVE combos. This feat however becomes increasingly more diffcult as the game speed increases.

UNIQUE POWER UPS : Rush is a throw-the-axe-and-see-what- happens kinda guy, but he won’t say no to magic powers if they’re offered! Collect different powers from defeated Elites to bring different tools to Rush’s arsenal and shape your strategy to smash the Undead Horde!

LEADER BOARD: Go down swinging! Shoot for the high score and challenge your friends through Apple Game Center.